Chapter 2: Good Girls Say "I Love You" is the chapter after The Prologue. It is regarded as "the beginning" of the fic, being the source of the tagline "She was dramatic. He was dynamic." 


The chapter begins with Luke Harper greeting Lily Evans on the Hogsmeade train platform with a kiss. He unexpectedly tells her that he loves her, to which Lily immediately replies she cannot honestly say that back. Luke brushes off his disappointment and the pair of them ride up to Hogwarts along with Donna Shacklebolt and Marlene Price

When they reach the Entrance Hall, they discover the Welcoming Feast has been delayed by Peeves the Poltergeist. As they're waiting Severus Snape approaches Lily and asks for her forgiveness. He is followed by his housemates who begin to provoke Lily, her friends, and the Marauders into a fight. A brawl in the Entrance Hall breaks out when James Potter appears and punches Nicolai Mulciber. 

Professor McGonagall calls the nine Gryffindor sixth years who were present to her office and asks them who hit Mulciber. Lily, to avoid Gryffindor losing House Points, confesses. 

After the feast, James accosts Lily in a corridor and accuses her of playing Joan of Arc and that he doesn't owe her anything. Lily tells him to leave her alone and leaves. 


  • The Chapter introduces Luke Harper, Donna Shacklebolt, Marlene Price, Mary MacdonaldAdam McKinnon, Nicolai Mulciber, Samuel Avery, Colista Black, and Zabini.