What is it? Edit

A dreamcast, also known as fancast, is an actor, model, otherwise famous person or face whom the 'fan', you, think looks like what you think the character looks like. For example, Ohjaimelannister, creator of this fanart fancasts Aaron Taylor as James, and Karen Gillian as Lily.

Its simply saying, if this were a movie, who would play which characters?

Relevance and "What is this page?" Edit

Because The Life and Times is a work of Fanfiction, with many fan made characters, there will never be a real casting by JK Rowling. There may be older versions of Canon characters, such as Sirius and Remus who appear in the films, but we never see their younger counterparts brought to life. All of the images on character pages on this Wikia are Dreamcasts.

This page is here because there may be more than one person who you, and the community think fits the role of any given character. It also provides easy access to all photos of these characters and people on the wikia.

The Dreamcast - James & Lily Edit

  • Karen Gillian as Lily Evans
  • Karen Gillian as Lily Evans

Lily Evans: Edit

Lily Evans in most edits is represented by Actress Karen Gillian. Her popularity as Lily could have to do with her role as Amy Pond in Doctor Who which was popular at the time.

  • Aaron Johnson as James Potter
  • Aaron Taylor Johnson as James Potter
  • Reece King as James Potter




James Potter: Edit

James is most often portrayed by actor Aaron Taylor Johnson, after he became a more popular fancast in 2012. More recently though, people have also come to think of James as a person of color, due to the popularity of Harry Potter of a person of color in fanart and other media(namely, Black or Desi).

According to this blogspot post by Jewels5, her fancast for James is Julian Morris. 

The Dreamcast - Supporting Characters Edit

Remus Edit

Remus is commonly (and more than any other face) portrayed by Andrew Garfield. This can be attributed to his appearance as Spider-Man in the Amazing Spider-man films which were popular at the time. The demographic that admired his appearance in Spider-man has large overlap with the Harry Potter fanbase.

Photos: 1 - Andrew Garfield, 2 - Andrew Garfield

Sirius Edit

Although there is only one photo already existing on this Wikia regarding Sirius Black, Ben Barnes does seem to be the most popular fancast in the Harry Potter fandom.

Photos: 1 - Ben Barnes,