Cheryl Hines as Madam Fiona Keepdown

Fiona Keepdown, better known as Madam Keepdown, is an adult witch, sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a Psych Healer, to talk to the students 'in the lights of resent events'.

She is also the author of the book Spiritual Magic. Carlotta Meloni is a great fan of hers.

Physical DescriptionEdit

"She had a wide mouth, and the smile affected every inch of her face, revealing laugh lines around her eyes and forehead. Remus had once read that you could tell if someone's smile was sincere based on whether or not their eyes crinkled, so she had that going for her, at least.'"
— Remus Lupin describing Keepdown in "Carlotta Delenda Est".

Madam Fiona Keepdown is described to be a tall, broad-shouldered woman of about forty. She has long, curly, honey colored hair and eyes about the same color. She wore gauzy green robes, tied around the waist with a cut of rope, and a great deal of jewelry in varying metals, around her hands and neck. She also seems to have peacock feather earrings.


"Because she's cool like that,"
—Donna Shacklebolt to Lily Evans, when Keepdown informs the students that they can call her 'Fiona'.
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James and Lily's session together with Keepdown by Anxiouspinapples on tumblr

Every student at Hogwarts is scheduled a time to see Madam Keepdown each month, and furthermore will students and the rest of their year, meet once a week to a lesson with her.

At first, these scheduled meetings isn't quite accepted by the students, but as times go, the meetings become more popular, and except the first lesson with the whole year, all students seem to accept, even enjoy, the meetings. Only Lily Evans and James Potter thinks otherwise, and therefore it's decided by Dumbledore that they are going to have their one-on-one meetings with Keepdown, together.