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Ashley Judd as Grace Potter

Grace Potter is the wife of Alexander Potter—whom she was briefly seperated from but eventually moved back in with—and the mother to James Potter. She is well into her years, but is still adamantly fighting for justice as a prominent member of Magic for Peace. Her son, James, appears to be closer to her than his father—that, or, he perfers to spend time with her.

There was a brief scare that she was killed when the Death Eaters arrived at a M.F.P meeting, but she later proved to be alive and well.

Canon Divergence Edit

While James must've had a mother, the character of Grace Potter was entirely created by Jewels5. JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter revealed in a pottermore post the name of James mother was Euphimia. This information was not availabe to Jewels5 at the time.