Sam dearborn
Samual dearborn

Samuel (Sam) Dearborn was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts. He was, however, promptly taken back home after being sorted, as his Pureblood family equated being sorted into Hufflepuff with being a Squib.  He had fair hair, freckles, and wore a maroon fedora (for a protest against the Population-Protection Act). He was the cousin of James Potter and the brother of Egbert and Caradoc Dearborn, who substituted the Defense Against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts. He was a member of M.F.P., or Magic for Peace, along with Adam McKinnon's sister Sarah. He was also gay and was romantically interested in a man named David.

He and Sarah were both murdered by Death Eaters on November 2nd, 1976, during an attack on a conference for M.F.P.