Alec Hopkins as Severus Snape

Severus Snape is a Slytherin at Hogwarts school and a canon character in the Harry Potter books.  He was a close companion to Lily Evans from a young age, but they lost their friendship as he began to befriend shady Slytherins, perform dark magic, and accidentally referred to Lily as a Mudblood.  There was an attempt made to resalvage their friendship in sixth year, but Lily evantually ended it.

Role in The Life and Times Edit

At the very beginning of the fanfiction Severus is present, as he attempts to make amends with old friend, Lily Evans. Mulciber steps in and demands him to disarm her, to prove his loyalty. James Potter punches Mulciber in the jaw to defend her, hurting Severus' feelings, as he hates James, and hurting Lily's feelings, knowing he would have disarmed her and deepening the wedge between them.

Later in the novel they attempt to repair their friendship. Severus is upset that Lily continues to hang out with James and gives her an ultimatum, "Me, or Him". Lily at first chooses Severus, but after Severus sees her talking to James still he decides to join the Death Eaters for good.

Lily doesn't approve, and ends their friendship for good. Snip Snip.

After this, we can assume he becomes quite bitter, leading to his behavior in the Harry Potter novels.