The Hogwarts Case was Auror Jack Lathe's investigation at Hogwarts School involving the exposure of darkly magical objects


On the first day of classes of the 1975-1976 school year, Carlotta Meloni, a Gryffindor sixth year attempted to slit her wrists. The Ministry sent an investigator named Drake who conducted a few interviews, but did not investigate any further than her own speculations, even after Healer Holloway determined Carlotta had been exposed to darkly magical objects

Later that day, though, two more students attempted to kill themselves, leaving the Ministry no choice but to send someone from the Auror office, Jack Lathe. After conducting initial interviews with students and staff who knew the victims or were present for the incidents, Lathe hit a block. 

Lathe stayed at the castle for months, until Lily Evans discovered the connection between the three attempted suicides. Carlotta Meloni was a vegetarian, Adam McKinnon skipped dinner the day before the attack, and Linda Maxson had an eating disorder. Coincidentally, they were the only students who missed dinner but had the pumpkin juice. Lily discovered it was the pumpkin juice that had been stored near darkly magical objects and she reported it to Lathe. It wasn't until later that she realized the pumpkin juice had been stored in her boyfriend, Luke Harper's, home in Hogsmeade. 

It was two months later that James and Lily noticed in the paper that Jack Lathe was the Auror investigating smuggled dark artifacts and that Aurors had been killed in a duel. Lathe issued a warrant for Luke's brother, Logan Harper's, arrest after Lily met him and healed a cursed wound. Logan was ultimately killed in a standoff with Aurors in his family house in May of 1976, after which Lathe was put on probation.